Total Trek Quest Fall 2021: Allegan and Ottawa

Arbor Circle

Amidst the current global pandemic, we're excited to be providing Total Trek Quest this fall. We have adapted the program content to follow COVID safety guidelines as directed from the CDC, and both state and county health departments. We will also enforce the guidelines in place in the individual school districts where the TTQ program is offered.

Total Trek Quest is a fun, high energy program designed exclusively for male identifying individuals  in 3rd-5th grade. TTQ incorporates strength and stretching exercises with training for a 5K. Boys in this program will develop positive peer relationships, and feel a part of a team, while also working toward individual goals. Additional practice activities focus on developing a healthy lifestyle, social/relationship skills, how to make healthy choices, and resisting peer pressure.

The TTQ program is implemented by committed, trained volunteers. Coaches can be male or female, and do not need to be runners, only willing to learn how to run a 5K along with your team. TTQ coaches will complete program training, CPR/First Aid certification, central registry clearance, and background checks; at least one coach per team needs to be  CPR certified. Please contact Julia at if you are interested in coaching.



Event Details

  •  Monday, September 20, 2021 thru Saturday, November 13, 2021
  •  Practices vary from school to school. Please refer to your respective school for specifics regarding practice days/times.

Program Registration Fees

Adams M/W Grades 3-5 $45.00 Open
Evergreen M/W 3rd Grade $45.00 Waiting List
North Holland Grades 3-5 $45.00 Closed
Glenn M/W Grades 3-5 $45.00 Open
Griffin Elementary M/W Grades 3-5 $45.00 Open
Holland Heights Grades 3-5 $45.00 Open
New Groningen M/W Grades 3-5 $45.00 Open
Oakwood M/W 4-5th Grade $45.00 Waiting List
Peach Plains M/W 3rd-4th Grade $45.00 Open
Pine Ridge Grades 3-5 $45.00 Closed
Rose Park Grades 3-5 $45.00 Closed
Vanderbilt Grades 3-5 $45.00 Open
Woodbridge T/TH Grades 3-5 $45.00 Open