Girls on the Run Fall 2023 5K Volunteer

Girls on the Run Las Vegas

Thanks for your interest in volunteering for Girls on the Run! As girls from across the valley come together to achieve their goals on 5K day, they will be depending on volunteers like you to help them shine!  

Event Details

  •  Saturday, December 2, 2023 thru Friday, December 2, 2033
  •  Festivities begin at 7:30am and the 5K run starts at 9:30am. Volunteer arrival time varies per assignment.
  •  5K volunteer locations vary by assignment.

Volunteer Registration

Make the Magic: Set Up (5:15am-7:30am) Ages 18+ Open
Wherever Needed! Ages 16+ Open
Greeter/Course Guide (6:00 -12:00) Ages 18+ Open
Sparkle Runner: Volunteer Running Buddy (8:00-11:30) Ages 18+ Closed
Registration (7:00-12:00) Ages 16+ Closed
Info Fairy (6:30-12:00) Ages 18+ Open
Hydration Station (7:00-12:00) Ages 16+ Closed
Making Memories: Photography & Interviews (6:30-12:00) Ages 16+ Open
Gamma Phi Beta Sparkle Volunteers Only (6:30-12:00) Ages 18+ Open
Green Room Attendant (7:30-11:30) Ages 16+ Closed
Tear Down Crew (9:30-12:00) Ages 18+ Closed