The High Country Half Marathon 2021

Girls on the Run High Country

Route description The Half Marathon will begin in Boone at Peacock Parking Lot.  The course will follow a flat River's St. onto Blowing Rock Road (mile 1 @ Boonies). Taking a right onto Winkler's Creek Rd. at Bojangles, the route begins it's curves and gradual uphill following along the picturesque Winkler's Creek.  The route will then take a right onto Russ Cornett Road (mile 3) with more curves and gradual uphills and downhills.  At mile 4.4, the route will take a right onto Diamond Ranch. Next turn is a left onto Poplar Grove Road then a left onto Shulls Mill Road at mile 7.5. At Highway 221 the course turns left into Blowing Rock.  Taking the first road on the right, the course turns onto Laurel Lane looping around the Equestrian Center. Taking another right onto Wonderland Trail and the finest views in the south, the course continues to wind downhill and to the  right on Wonderland Trail until a left turn back onto Laurel Lane (near Bistro Roca). The route is completed with a right turn onto Clark Street and a short jaunt to finish at Davant Field.

Event Details

  •  Saturday, October 23, 2021
  •  Race Starts at 7:30 am.
  •  The Half Marathon will begin in Boone at Peacock Parking Area and will follow a scenic yet challenging route to finish at Davant Field in Blowing Rock.

Standard Registration (until 10/3 at 11:59pm)

High Country Half Marathon All Ages $65.00 Open