Menchville House Ministries Striking Out Homelessness

Menchville House Ministries

October 23rd 2021


Sparetimes in Hampton VA (

1 Family Fun Place Hampton VA 23666)

Maximum number of participants = 160

Can sign up as individuals or in teams of 5

Cost is $25 per person or $125 for group/family of 5   

Additional game play purchases:

1.       No-Tap Games – If a player decides to participate in this, for a donation, the player can select either 9 pin, 8 pin, or 7 pin no tap game play during the event. 9 pin = $5, 8 pin = $10, or 7 pin = $20

2.       50/50 High Score Jackpot – if a player decides to enter into the jackpot with a donation of $5, half of their donation goes to Menchville House and the other half goes into a prize pool. If that bowler bowls above a 250 in a game, they will share a portion of the prize pool. Bowlers can win more than one portion.

3.       Red Pin Game 50/50 Jackpot-  Each player that donates $5 to Menchville House will be eligible to win prizes during this game. If a red pin is the head pin during this player’s turn and they knock down all of the pins (whether a strike or a spare) they will earn Menchville House Swag prizes but if they get a strike (regular or no-tap), they receive a portion of the prize pool. Bowlers can win more than one portion.

Event Details

  •  Saturday, October 23, 2021 thru Thursday, October 23, 2031
  •  2pm - 4pm
  •  Sparetimes in Hampton, VA 1 Fmaily Fun Place, Hampton, VA 23666 https://sparetimesbowling,com

Standard Registration

Bowl-A-Thon Participant All Ages $25.00 Open
No Tap Games - 9 Pins All Ages $5.00 Open
No Tap Games - 8 Pins All Ages $10.00 Open
No Tap Games - 7 Pins All Ages $20.00 Open
50/50 High Score Jackpot All Ages $5.00 Open
Red Pin Bowling All Ages $5.00 Open