Simple Transaction Based Pricing

No monthly platform fees. No setup fees.

Pinwheel Transaction Fee

  • $1.25 per participant/donation

Credit Card Processing Fees

  • 2.2% Non-Profit Rate + $0.30 per transaction
  • 2.9% Corporate Rate + $0.30 per transaction

eCheck Processing Fees

  • $.50 eCheck per transaction

Flexible Processing Fee Options

  • Fees passed on to Participants
  • Fees absorbed by the Organization
  • Fees split between Participants and Organization
  • "Cover the Fees" option allows Participants to choose to pay the fees for you

Other Benefits

  • No Ads – Clean ad-free registration
  • No Tricks – No gimmicky offers
  • PCI Compliant Card Processing – Reduces your exposure
  • No Sharing of Data – Your data is your data…not ours!
  • Quick Access to your Funds - Receive daily, weekly or monthly direct deposits