Donor Management

Donors are critical to non-profit organizations;
make the donation process easy for them,
and use tools that make it easy for you to
manage the relationship!

Donor management has never been easier.

Integrate donors and events

  • Incorporate the "ask" for donations in all Event registrations
  • Automatically convert event donations to Donors
  • Text participants at the end of an event to ask for donations

Make it yours

  • Retire generic PayPal forms from your "Donate" button
  • Customize donation pages
  • Provide suggested donation amounts and descriptions
  • Offer recurring donations
  • Invite donors to become Fundraisers

Analyze & Engage

  • Analyze your donor base with extensive dashboards & reports
  • See which donors are volunteers
  • Segment donors & create Email Marketing groups with one click
  • Import donors and donations from other systems

You don't have to overpay to get a great donor management system!

Have a lot of moving parts

Manage donors, volunteers, participants, sponsors
and vendors all in one system for one price.