Recruit & Support Volunteers

Volunteers are invaluable resources, so Pinwheel makes it easy to build and support your volunteer base.

Volunteer recruitment & management has never been easier.

Start taking volunteer applications quickly

  • Pick from a variety of application templates or customize your own
  • Sell store items and/or collect donations in the application process
  • Review and approve volunteer applications with one click

Schedule and track volunteers easily

  • Schedule volunteers to events, programs, teams stations or classes
  • Track CPR and First Aid certifications
  • Monitor background checks & training requirements
  • Track volunteer service history

Volunteer tools and reporting

  • The Volunteer Portal allows volunteers to see teammates, send emails and run reports
  • The Pinwheel Attendance App provides participant information, tracks attendance, and sends feedback to the organization
  • Analyze attendance data provided by volunteers through reports

Having a 360° view of your volunteers is a breeze in Pinwheel

Volunteer communication tools

  • Create Email Marketing groups for scheduled volunteers with one click
  • Send Text Message reminders, updates, and links
  • Send Push Notifications to volunteers through the Attendance App